Our Church and school have Grown, together. 

On September 19, 1858, the Rev. Friedrich Ruff officially organized Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and became her first pastor.  Trinity Lutheran School began at this time. Classes were held during the week in a rented hall where the congregation worshiped on Sundays.  These classes were initially taught by Trinity’s first three pastors.

Then in 1863 the congregation purchased the old First Christian Church building and relocated it to the corner of Madison and Olive Street.  For the next 10 years both worship and school classes were conducted in this building

No matter what our buildings look like, or where they are located, our mission remains the same: to develop well-rounded, lifetime Christian Disciples that shine in this world.

Trinity continued to add to its membership and the school grew to over 100 pupils by the early 1870's.  This caused Trinity to utilize two schools in 1873.  One was located on the south side of Bloomington at Lincoln and Main Street.  The other was located in western Bloomington on West Chestnut Street.  This west-side school was later moved to the corner of Jefferson and Allin Streets.

Throughout the 1880’s enrollment grew to over 250 students.  At the same time Trinity Lutheran Church was growing.  This church growth resulted in the construction of a new church building.  On June 14, 1885, a new church building with seating for 905 people was dedicated to the Lord.

By the early 1890s, a decision was made to consolidate the two schools and build one new school building.  Land was purchased for $3750 in the 700 block of S. Madison St.  The new school building itself was then built for $7500.  Trinity’s new school was dedicated on October 30, 1892.  It had four classrooms.  

By the mid 1890s, the school’s enrollment reached 380 pupils.  As time progressed enrollment fluctuated and Trinity found unique ways to serve God’s children.  During the 1930’s the principal even taught Saturday classes for students that lived in the country who could not come to town every day.

By the late 1930’s, the congregation felt the need to improve the school and build a parish hall.  The 1892 school was demolished and a new school building and parish hall were dedicated to God on March 2, 1941.  The new building with equipment totaled $80,000.  Enrollment was about 175.

In 1953 Trinity broke ground at the Madison Street site for the construction of a new church, more school classrooms, and better Sunday School facilities.  It had been more than 80 years since the church and school were at the same site.

In 1958 Trinity celebrated its 100th Anniversary as a congregation and school.  Enrollment was about 270.

Over the next several years God continued to bless Trinity.  At the turn of the century it was determined that in order to grow, a new educational facility would need to be built.
In January of 2001 Trinity bought 48.6 acres of land in south Bloomington for about $1.2 million.  A new educational facility was then built on this W. Hamilton Rd. property for about $4.5 million.  The first day of classes in the new building were held on January 21st of 2003.  The enrollment was 385.

Now, more than a century and a half later, our school sits on over 50 acres of land, which includes a Lutheran retirement community, multiple age-appropriate playgrounds, a plethora of green space, including baseball and soccer fields, and a 58,000 square foot education facility.  Yet, these things are just buildings and grounds.  What continues to matter is God's people. Therefore, no matter what our buildings look like, or where they are located, our mission remains the same:  to develop well-rounded, lifetime Christian Disciples that shine in this world.