KEY: Unlocking Students' Potential

Trinity Lutheran School is able to offer support to our students beyond the classroom teacher. Through our KEY program, we are able to support students in a variety of ways. The KEY team allows Trinity Lutheran School to provide specialized services to students to help them unlock their potential.  This group of dedicated professionals, including a special education teacher, a reading specialist, a speech-language pathologist, and a Christian counselor, works together to support students, parents, and staff to lift everyone up to find success.  

  • The special education teacher and reading specialist work together to meet the academic needs of students by providing intervention and enrichment in the areas of reading and math.  Elementary students are assessed in reading at least 3 times a year to monitor progress in this area, and students are challenged to grow in appropriate ways at every ability level. 
  • When students are struggling producing sounds correctly in speech, understanding spoken language, or using language structure and vocabulary correctly, the speech-language pathologist steps in to assist and lift them up.  
  • Sometimes, life throws curve-balls and things just don’t go as planned. Whether this is the case or something is causing a student to feel anxious, nervous, upset, or angry, a Christian counselor is available to help students learn strategies to help themselves.  
  • A social skills curriculum that encourages students to be their best selves is also provided to Kindergarten and 1st grade. 

As the KEY team works to provide these services, they also remain in contact with staff and parents to provide feedback and support in order to help students become all they are created to be.  

SL Key Team.JPG