The curriculum at Trinity Lutheran School is consistently reviewed by our faculty so that it remains appropriate and effective for the 21st century learner.  Our Early Childhood curriculum is a developmentally-appropriate, play-based, Christ-centered program that focuses on Kindergarten Readiness. See more information on our Early Childhood Program

Individual curricular areas in our K-8 program are reviewed in a seven year cycle, and include references to state and national standards, accreditation guidelines for Lutheran schools and current research involved in the subject studied. We are also focused on integrating our faith as well as technology into our curriculum. 

The curricular offerings at Trinity Lutheran School include:

  • Religion – Lutheran doctrine, Bible knowledge, Memory Work, faith in action.
  • Mathematics – math facts, computation, problem solving, algebra, mathematical application
  • Social Studies – geography, history, current events, government 
  • Language Arts – reading, writing, speaking, spelling, listening
  • Science – earth, physical, life, engineering and design
  • Physical Education – physical health, recreation, skill development, games
  • Computer skills – keyboarding, word processing, digital citizenship, academic advancement
  • Foreign Language – Spanish; for grades 7-8
  • Music – listening, creativity, reading notation, theory, history, music appreciation, performance
  • Art –elements of art, principles of art, art appreciation, technique, media
  • STEM - integrated throughout core classes through a partnership with Defined STEM.