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Developmentally Appropriate, Play-based, Christ-centered programs

The early childhood programs at Trinity Lutheran School are age and developmentally appropriate; this means that children learn and grow in the best way possible, by being immersed in their learning with hands-on, play-based experiences.  

For young children, play is their work. Through play, children develop not only their social/emotional, language and fine and large motor skills, but they also advance academically.

Our early childhood programs are designed to give a foundation for well-rounded lifetime Christian disciples. To accomplish this, our programs work to develop children in the following areas:  social/emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual.  

We offer a variety of early childhood programs, both full and part time, as well as an early childhood extended care for those families who may need this service. 

We are now accepting Applications for our Early Childhood Program the 2018-2019 School year! 

Please see our Early Childhood Enrollment information.

Tuition and Fees for Early Childhood Programs